“One of the top requests we hear from CFA charter holders is for a financial modelling module to be added to the curriculum,” says Ian Schnoor, CFA. Models are critical communication tools and they need to tell a story. We were therefore glad to have Ian Schnoor, CFA, AFM, who is Executive Director at Financial Modeling Institute (FMI), impart his expertise and technical know-how on financial modelling with over 150 members on Friday (21 Aug). In the lively and engaging webinar, Ian shared his top 10 best practices as well as critical tips on how to build and design an optimal financial model. Our members learnt helpful excel keyboard shortcuts and also heard from Ian on the planning process and scenarios analysis. We trust that our members picked up useful skills and tips in financial modelling that will lead to optimal decision making in their portfolios going forward. Thank you once again to Ian, FMI, and all our members for attending!