We were delighted to host Michael Pettis, a noted economist and professor, and co-author of recently published “Trade Wars are Class Wars: How Rising Inequality Distorts the Global Economy and Threatens International Peace”.

In a live interview on Thursday (3 Sep) with our CEO, Choong Tho Chan, CFA, Michael Pettis not only delivered his latest thinking on the imbalances in global savings and investments, but also connected the dots between under-consumption and global income inequality. Members who attended actively sought his views on:
– the US-China trade war;
– how the US is now saddled with an exorbitant burden;
– what the US can do to slow down capital inflows from surplus countries;
– whether the gig economy would help in income redistribution; and
– if capital controls will be the preferred route moving forward.

We thank Michael Pettis for taking time out from his busy schedule to impart invaluable insights to our members, and all our members for dialling in.