The Advocacy Committee is directed to be a proactive thought leader by addressing the issues of integrity and ethics in the financial services industry and in the behaviour of investment professionals in Singapore.

The Candidate Programmes Committee is responsible for the promotion of professional designations and related programmes, and the supervision of the academic affairs of the Society including the maintenance of high standards in curriculum and teaching of such programmes.


The Career Development Committee runs activities to help members consider their long term career plans while expanding their network of contacts in the industry. The activities are selectively open to CFA candidates, students of partner Universities and other industry partners.


The Networking Committee was established to serve as a platform for members to interact and expand their network of contacts in the financial industry. This is achieved thr​ough social events and theme-based activities organised for members and industry practitioners.​


The Professional Development Committee is directed to promote and encourage investment professionals in the financial services industry in Singapore to continue developing themselves in order to succeed in a highly competitive environment that appreciates and values trustworthiness by providing ample opportunities to further their knowledge, skills and abilities.


The CFA Society Singapore University Outreach Committee reaches out to Singapore’s academic institutions of higher learning and act as a bridge for the set of next generation of leaders in the financial industry and facilitate their entry into the CFA program and the industry.