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​​​​​Professional Development Committee​​

Alex Ho, CFA

Alex Ho, CFA

Victor Ong, CFA

Victor Ong, CFA


The Professional Development Committee (PD) is directed to promote and encourage investment professionals in the financial services industry in Singapore to continue developing themselves in order to succeed in a highly competitive environment that appreciates and values trustworthiness by providing ample opportunities to further their knowledge, skills and abilities. The committee organises events to meet its objectives. Events organised generally take the form of expert speaker and forum / panel events. 

Mission / Objectives 
  • Promote professional learning, development and well-being for members;
  • Encourage investment professionals to stay updated with relevant skills;
  • Improve information flow to investors;
  • Speak out for members on key market issues; and
  • Provide development and sound leadership.
Scope / Processes 

To achieve the above mission, the means and role of the local society are as follows:-

  • Liaise with CFA Institute on the coordination of potential speakers;
  • Liaise with industry experts and practitioners for speaking engagements;
  • Update society board and members;
  • Gather members’ feedback;
  • Promote continuing education, professional development and skills based well-being for investment professionals; and
  • Promote the CFA Institute Codes, Standards and positions.

The Professional Development Committee will focus on initiatives falling within the above criteria and in line with the following broader principles of:-

  • Relevance to our membership base; 
  • Aligned to our values of continuous and incremental learning, development, and promoting members’ well-being; 
  • Preparing our members’ for the investment industry of tomorrow; and
  • Promoting CFA Society Singapore as a leading body of investment and professional development and skills enhancement.