Registrations for our CFA® Level I Preparatory Programme are now open!

We are now taking in registrations for the CFA® Level I Preparatory Programme (IBF Level I) for the May 2024 CFA Exam cycle. Classes will begin on 13 January 2024.  Complete the application form below and submit it to [email protected]

Registrations for our CFA® Level II Preparatory Programme are now open!

We are now taking in registrations for CFA® Level 2 Preparatory Programme (IBF Level 2/3) for the November 2023 CFA Exam cycle. Classes will begin on 15 July 2023. Complete the application form below and submit it to [email protected]

Achieve Exam Success with Proper Preparation

CFA Society Singapore is dedicated to providing candidates the support needed to exam success.  As an exclusive CFA® Program training provider in Singapore, we have put together a compelling combination in CFA® Program training.



In January 2021, CFA Society Singapore migrated the CFA Singapore-IBF Accredited Programme (Level I) in-house. The programme is now accredited under The Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS).
With a dedicated team of passionate professors and senior lecturers from one of Singapore’s autonomous institutes of Higher Learning, CFA Society Singapore successfully launched the CFA Singapore Level I Preparatory Programme in July 2021. The Society followed on with the successful launch of the CFA Singapore Level II Preparatory Programme in mid 2022.  


CFA Society Singapore Instructors

The CFA® Program is well-known for its intensity and level of commitment, requiring an investment of over 300 hours spent studying with a low pass rate of 40%. Success lies not only in knowledge acquisition but also in the strategic approach taken in your preparation.

As your local society, we are here to assist you:

Learn from leading experts, professors and senior lecturers

Receive guidance to navigate through the toughest curriculum in the finance world

Get motivation and support from industry professionals who know what it takes to pass

Prepare with the most accurate and current content, ensuring wise use of your study time

Our range of offerings:

Live Classes

Participate in real-world sessions with CFA® charterholders who have a firm grasp on the curriculum and an unparalleled ability to make it easily digestible. Instructors will review mission-critical Learning Outcome Statements, expand on nuanced details, provide applicable examples, and address your questions directly. Master difficult concepts through direct interaction and real-time feedback from content experts.

Mock Examinations

Take the Live Practice Mock Exam to build your confidence and perform effectively in the CFA exam.

Revision Courses

Engage with expert instructors in revision courses. Expect a fast-paced delivery in an interactive format with a focus on the most important concepts and learning outcome statements in the CFA Exam. Trainers are full-time academics with extensive industry experience.

Learning From The Best

Get Inspired – Study with our Team of Top CFA Program Instructors

Any educational program is only as good as the people who construct and deliver it. We have assembled an effective, well-respected, and competent team of professors and senior lecturers to create and deliver our content and instruction.

Yeap Lay Huay

Yeap Lay Huay

Phoebe Gao

Phoebe Gao

Li Bingqiao, CFA

Li Bingqiao, CFA

Kok Kah Fai, CFA

Kok Kah Fai, CFA

Adrian Chan, CFA

Adrian Chan, CFA

Audrey Yong, CFA

Audrey Yong, CFA

Allen Cheong, CFA

Allen Cheong, CFA

Phuah Keng Keat, CFA

Phuah Keng Keat, CFA


HERE’s what our students have to say

Very friendly and patient lecturer. Extremely thorough yet clear with probably one of the heavier and challenging modules. CFAS picked the right lecturer.

Excellent pace, clear explanation, useful tips for studying were offered. Responsive to questions from class.

Very talented in teaching with generous amounts of humor to keep students engaged, complemented with plenty of real-life examples.

ibf accredited programme

This programme has been accredited under the IBF Standards, and is eligible for funding under the IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS), subject to all eligibility criteria being met. 

Ready to take the next step?

Start your CFA® journey with us. Our CFA® Level 1 Preparatory Programme (IBF Level 1) will begin on 1 July 2023.  Complete the application form below and submit it to [email protected]


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