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Programme Details & FAQs

What is the CFA Mentorship Programme?
  • A 10-month  long programme
  • Seeks to pair experienced Charterholders of the Society with junior and mid-level-professionals in the financial services and investment industry.
  • Aims to tap into the knowledge of more experienced charterholders to address the career development needs of junior member of the society
  • Mentors are Charterholders with at least 10 years of working experience.
  • Mentees are Charterholders or CFA candidates with at least 3 years of working experience.
What are the benefits of the programme for mentees?
  • Having a mentor enables the mentee to steer through their organisation and career in a targeted and focused manner.
  • Talking with a mentor can bring a wider perspective of the working environment to the mentee.
  • Networks take a lifetime to build. Mentees can leverage on a mentor’s network (if the mentor is willing to share) to develop his career or life goals.
what makes a good mentee?
  • Define, manage and take responsibility for the mentoring relationship
  • Proactive by taking initiative to organize meetings and set the pace
  • Have clear objectives to work on during the programme and review objectives with mentor regularly
  • Mentee needs to make mentoring relationship action-oriented and follow through on the actions agreed upon
Speed dating & matching process


    • Mentor-mentee algorithmically matched based on industry interest and soft skills
    • Each mentee will be assigned 3-4 mentors to meet during the Speed Dating event

Speed Dating

    • Show up for the speed dating event
    • Mentee will be allocated 10-15 mins to meet each mentor
    • Give a quick background of yourself and be open
    • Realised that personal chemistry is important to build trust
    • Rank your preferred mentees/mentors before leaving


    • Mentor-mentee algorithmically matched again based on your indicated rankings
    • Mentee and mentor informed of the final match
speed dating – what to look for?
  • Find someone whose experience & skillset are relevant to your objective
  • Find someone who shares your values
  • Find a “coach“, “teacher” and a “guide
  • Find a good listener
  • Find a leader who shows care and compassion
  • Find someone with good chemistry and someone who you feel you can open up to
How does the CFA Mentorship Programme work?
Listen to what our mentors and mentees have to say about the 2019 Mentorship Programme


Our President, Tan Lay Hoon, with her mentee Suga


2019 Mid-Term Event: Hot Desking Session


2019 “Making the Most out of Conflict” Workshop for mentors and mentees



If you have any enquiries, please email us at:

[email protected]



Open for Registration as Mentor or Mentee

(Registration Closes end January)

February - March

Information Session — Programme Schedule and Experience sharing

March - April

Pre-matching of Mentors and Mentees

Speed Dating Session

Matching of Mentors and Mentees


Official Launch of CFA Singapore Society Mentorship Programme

May - October

1 to 1 Mentoring Sessions Begin

(Approximately 5 to 6 sessions)

February - October

Workshops for Mentors and Mentees


Mid-Term Session


Closing Ceremony

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