2021 CFA Society Singapore University Ethics Challenge

About the CFA Society Singapore University Ethics Challenge

CFA Society Singapore is organizing the fourth University Ethics Challenge. Undergraduates will be introduced a new approach to ethics pedagogy through experiential learning.

The CFA Society Singapore University Ethics Challenge embodies the mission of CFA Institute by promoting “the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence.” In addition, it focuses on many of the elements of CFA Institute’s Future of Finance initiative. Equally as important, it helps prepare those entering the investment profession for the ethical challenges that they will face in the workplace.

How It Works

Each team shall consist of THREE members. Diversity in team members from the same university is highly encouraged.

For many, the Ethics Challenge comprises two segments: Kickoff Meeting (where we provide guidance and training) and Singapore Semi-Finals.  Competing teams are given a case study and tasked to identify and analyse the ethical issues.  For the selected few teams, they will progress to the Singapore Finals and one victorious team will advance to the APAC Regional Finals.

Teams are judged based on their recommended course of action and their ability to identify and analyse dilemmas and violations to the CFA Institute Code of Ethics & Standards of Professional Conduct.

Benefits of Participation
  • ​​Increase awareness of real-world ethical dilemmas and prepares students for how to handle them, particularly during internship, scholarship and job position interviews as Singapore firms are increasing examining ethical issues in their evaluation of candidates.
  • Improves student presentation and teamwork skills.
  • Positive public relations and brand exposure for university.
  • Augments classroom learning by combining theory and practice.
  • Provides professional networking opportunities for students and faculty.
  • Demonstrates the importance of strong ethics to tomorrow’s professionals.
Learning resources

What is CFA Society Singapore University Ethics Challenge?

Listen to what the Winning Team of 2019, The Whistleblowers from NUS have to say:
Listen to what students who participated in the Challenge have to say about their experience:
Listen to what the judges have to say about the competition:


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CONGRATULATIONS to the winning team of the University Ethics Challenge 2019, The Whistleblowers from National University of Singapore!



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