Take the Next Step in Your Career

Learn from seasoned industry professionals



Actively engage with senior investment professionals

Learn from seasoned industry professionals

Bounce ideas off mentors on career and personal development

Receive constructive feedback​ to develop professionally

Improve professional performance and working relationships

Network with other mentors and mentees




Be a paid member of CFA Society Singapore

(Regular / Associate member)


Have at least 3 years full-time work experience in the investment, banking and/or financial sector


Have an open mind, be willing to be challenged and be interested in personal and professional development


Successfully matched mentees will be required to pay $50. This nominal fee is to ensure mentees are committed to completing the mentorship programme.


Have firm ideas on your long term career development plans


Be eager to learn and share knowledge with others in the same industry


First-time participant of CFA Society Singapore Mentorship Programme will be given preference



16 January 2023

Registration opens

28 February 2023

Registration for Mentorship Programme closes

March - April

Pre-matching of Mentors and Mentees

Matching of nominated Mentors and Mentees

4 May 2023

Official Launch of 2023 CFA Singapore Society Mentorship Programme

May - October

1 to 1 Mentoring Sessions Begin

(Approximately 5 to 6 sessions)

March - October

Workshops for Mentors and Mentees

3 August 2023

Mid-Term Session

7 November 2023

Closing Ceremony

Frequently asked questions

Are there any fees involved?

Successfully matched mentees are required to pay a nominal fee of $50. This is to ensure mentees are committed to completing the mentorship programme. 

What are the benefits for participating as a mentee in this programme?

Having a mentor enables a mentee to steer through his/her organisation and career in a targeted and focused manner.  

A mentor can bring a wider perspective of the working environment to the mentee. Mentors can act as a sounding board and a voice of reason for mentees.

Building professional networks may take a lifetime. Mentees can leverage a mentor’s network (if the mentor is willing to share) to develop his/her professional or personal goals. 

Can I participate in the programme more than once?

The CFA Society Singapore Mentorship Programme is a popular choice among our members, given its positive impact on the professional development of a mentee. Due to the huge demands for this programme, we are now restricting mentees’ participation in the programme to only once.

What if I do not get paired up with my desired mentor?

Although every effort is made to match mentees with suitable mentors, there may be occasions where a match cannot be found. In such cases, we will defer mentee participation to the following year.


If I apply to be a mentee and I am unsuccessful in being matched this year, will I receive priority for the next year?

All potential mentees will be considered for the programme on an equal basis. However, priority may be given to those who have not been matched in previous years, subject to meeting eligibility requirements.

Still have more questions?

Joining the Mentorship Programme has opened my perspectives and gave me valuable knowledge about the finance industry through the myriad of talks and programmes available for both mentors and mentees.

Ng Hwee Keng, CFA

I have gained an independent perspective from a well-experienced mentor in regard to my career development, and broadened my personal & professional networks by becoming part of the CFA Society Singapore Mentorship alumni community.

Yeap Mei Ling