Every year, we host over 80 events designed to empower our members’ career journey.  A diverse range of expert speakers share their experience and ideas with our audience.  Topics cover artificial intelligence to macroeconomic views to private equity investments.  Lunch & learn talks come at no added charge.

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CFA Society Singapore brings practitioners together to discuss important issues in the investment management profession. Discover trends and analyses relevant to your work with our events. View our calendar of events below.



CFA Society Singapore is part of the CFA Societies Global Passport Program.

Whether you are travelling or simply wish to network with local professionals and fellow charterholders in your region or around the globe, the Global Passport Program will allow you to attend local and regional society events and mix with local society members.

What Are the Benefits?

The potential benefits of the Global Passport Program include:

  • extended global networking
  • access to global professional development opportunities
How to Participate

The following steps offer a checklist of items for societies when considering in participating in the Global Passport Program:


1. Program Considerations
  • Program eligibility: Determine what existing programs will qualify for the Global Passport Program. Are all society programs eligible or will it be limited to specific programs? If it is limited to specific programs, how will you define what constitutes a qualifying program? Then consider how your society will advertise eligible and noneligible programs.
  • Pricing: Offer the visiting member the local member rate.
  • Member confirmation: To verify membership status, utilize the CFA Institute Member Directory or contact the member’s home society for confirmation. Also consider who will be responsible for researching this information.
  • Society collaboration: Consider how you will remain in contact with other societies to share your events (internal) and promote their events (external).
  • Communications and usage: Consider how to promote the benefits and how members can access them. What is the process for members to take advantage of these benefits? Would you want to capture data to maintain usage information?
  • Board discussion: Discuss the Program with your board and seek approval, if needed.


2. Execution
  • Marketing campaign: Consider how you plan on marketing the Program. Marketing the Program can be a collaborative effort (same-day promotion with participating societies). How will you promote the Program to your members (emails, advertisements, newsletter updates, annual reports, social media, etc.)?
  • Promotion: Update the society website, event information, other marketing information, and email templates.
  • Launching the Passport Program: Introduce the Program to all active members through an email communication or other promotions.
Additional Resources
Global Passport Program Logo

The Global Passport Program logo is available upon agreeing to and signing the appropriate agreement*. Please contact Society Relations for additional information, including the required license agreement.


CFA Institute Branding Guidelines

The CFA Institute Branding Guidelines outline all the marketing and communication materials that societies have access to and that can be locally customized.


Society Contact Information

If you would like to contact a member society to discuss a possible collaboration, CFA Institute has a list of all the member societies online, and each society has contact information listed on its own website.


  • Highlight the program in recruitment, recovery, and renewal campaigns.
  • Promote the number of visiting members or profile a member who took advantage of the benefit with another society in a society communication, like a newsletter or on social media. 


Find a Society in the Global Passport Program

Search the society directory to find Global Passport Program participants.


For questions or to learn how other societies have implemented the Global Passport Program, contact your Society Relations Manager.